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Hanne Kolstø – La-La-La Lovesong

Hanne Kolstø is one of Norway’s most exciting singer/songwriters. With a voice and intuitive sense of melodies, she lures you into her world of intelligent lyrics and flourishing creativity. Always willing to experiment, she mixes all possible genres – one moment she wispers softly in your ear, the next she howls with despair. Artist: Hanne Kolstø Title: [...]

Team Me – Show Me

Brutal Norwegian winters clearly have no negative impact on the overwhelming happiness of orchestral indie poppers Team Me. Drawing influence from Scandinavian counterparts Mew and avant-garde artists like Sufjan Stevens, Show Me is a sprawling pop gem. As winners of ‘Best Pop Group’ at the 2011 Spelleman Awards (Norway’s Grammy equivalent) and rave SXSW 2012 [...]