Beta Frontiers – Hondo (feat. Becky Ninkovic)

Toronto-based Beta Frontiers offer up infectious retro-electro grooves. Their new EP for Daps Records features 5 tracks, each of which be accompanied by short films – directed by Dean Tzenos (Odonis Odonis) and Carmeron Tomsett. Lead single Hondo is the first of these music videos, and features vocals by Becky Ninkovic (You Say Party!).

Artist: Beta Frontiers

Title: Hondo

Label: Daps Records

Country: Canada

More Info: Official Site // Facebook // Twitter

Gala Drop – Broda

Having toured the US with Panda Bear in 2010, Gala Drop returns to the US indiesphere with their latest EP Broda. In collaboration with Ben Chasny (Six Organs Of Admittance), the Lisbon-based 4-piece have crafted yet another experimental gem. Eponymous lead single Broda seamlessly infuses the hallmark Gala Drop sound with Chasny’s psychedelic guitar work.

Artist: Gala Drop

Title: Broda

Label: Gala Drop Records

Country: Portugal

More info: Bandcamp // Facebook

YaoBobby – Memoire d’un Continent

Hailing from Togo, YaoBobby is one of West Africa’s most influential hip hop artists. Originally part of the Djanta Kan crew, YaoBobby now resides in Paris where he’s actively championing African music and culture. His most recent release Memoire d’un Continent also features Senegalese vocalist Noumoucounda Cissoko, a fellow Nomadic Wax artist.

Artist: YaoBobby

Title: Memoire d’un Continent

Label: Nomadic Wax

Country: Togo

More info: Official Site // SoundCloud // Twitter

Update: Music video for Memoire d’un Continent just released!

Ingrid Records Launch at Bowery Hotel

Miike Snow & Lykke Li at Bowery Hotel

In one of those true ‘Only in New York’ moments, the Bowery Hotel played host Friday night to a live performance by Swedish superstars Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow), Lykke Li, and Peter, Bjorn and John. The night was in honor of new label Ingrid, which boasts these stars as founders. The packed rooftop space was treated to a 3-song set, featuring new material from Lykke and Miike.

To get a better idea of the ‘Ingrid sound’, check out INGRID VOLYM 1 MIX released for Record Store Day 2012.

More info: Official Site // SoundCloud // Twitter

The Dentals – Career For Beer

After featuring Cats On Fire, we were chuffed to receive email from Swiss band The Dentals professing their newfound love for the Finnish indie darlings. As it turns out, this 4-piece from Lucerne draw heavily on the Finns’ sound to create their own catchy indie pop/folk. Lead single Career For Beer from their debut LP Tennessee, perfectly surmises their self-described alco-pop genre: wistful, contemplative, and drunken.

Artist: The Dentals

Title: Career For Beer

Label: Whiterock Records

Country: Switzerland

More info: Official site // Facebook // Twitter

Strawberry Whiplash – Now I Know It’s You

With three singles in the last 4 years, it’s high time Glaswegian 2-piece Strawberry Whiplash finally unleashed their debut LP Hits In The Car. Renowned for their jangly indie pop sound, Now I Know It’s You keeps strong their ’90s throwback vibe, beckoning influences like Mazzy Star and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Artist: Strawberry Whiplash

Title: Now I Know It’s You

Label: Matinee Recordings

Country: Scotland

More info: SoundCloud // Facebook // Twitter

Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday

In 2009, Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder created the Swedish pop band Korallreven. Two years later they released their debut album – An Album By Korallreven. This is dreamy pop about longing for light, and carefree summer nights that we so often dream of in our dark country. In As Young As Yesterday, the duo has collaborated with the talented singer Victoria Bergman (Taken By Trees and The Concretes). If you like Daniel Tjäders other band, The Radio Dept., you will love the tunes of Korallreven.

Artist: Korallreven

Title: As Young As Yesterday

Label: Hybris

Country: Sweden

More info: Official Site // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter

Drunken Boat – Breathe

Unlike most normal human beings, WE FUCKING LOVE GETTING EMAILS. Having launched Records Abroad less than a month ago, we’re chuffed to already be receiving submissions from bands. One such group is the self-described ‘rocky, sloppy, folky, noisy’ Drunken Boat from Ireland. The boys are about to drop their fourth LP Tied In Knots, with lead single Breathe one of our faves.

Artist: Drunken Boat

Title: Breathe

Label: Self-released

Country: Ireland

More info: Official Site // SoundCloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2

One of the most exciting Record Store Day releases comes from the mind-bending collaboration between Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. The Icelandic and German producers respectively, are both classically-trained musicians who bring a unique, orchestral perspective to the stunning electronic music they produce.

Artist: Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

Track: a2

Label: Erased Tapes

Country: Iceland and Germany

More info: Album Stream

Bonus: Ólafur & Nils working together from 2011.

TOPS – Double Vision

Ungoogleable and almost digitally non-existent, save for their Bandcamp page, TOPS are an enigma. Labelmates with Grimes (the current Queen Of Indie Pop), this dreamy Montreal four-piece likewise sports an unmistakable pop sensibility. Sounding like an ’80s film dream sequence heard through an AM car radio, this will be spinning on Brooklyn rooftops ASAP.

Artist: TOPS

Title: Double Vision

Label: Arbutus Records

Country: Canada

More info: Bandcamp